Saturday, 10 September 2016

Lifestyle | 6 Epic Ideas For Booze Free Days Out

If I worked out how much of my socialising is spent in a pair of heels with a drink in hand...I'd say we're talking a good 70%...

Who doesn't love going for cocktails with the girls, or a weekend afternoon in a beer garden? 

But as fun as getting dressed up and drinking the afternoon away is .. I do love to swap it all sometimes for something completely different...something a little more liver friendly!

So, here are some ideas for really fun days out that can be completely booze free either with friends or your other half:

1. Go wild swimming! 

Don't let the autumn weather stop you - wild swimming is fun even in the rain (as we experienced the other week!). 

We drove up to Thirsk, parked up at the side of a country road then made our way through a farm, then a forrest until we finally reached the beautiful Lake Gormire. It was COLD. But still really fun - you do get used to the chilly river water and it soon becomes pretty rejuvenating. 

No one was around either which made it extra epic and allowed us to have a full sing song to "a-wimba-woh-awimba-way". Such a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon! (If you can find a sunny day to go then even better!).

We finished it off with a drive through Weatherby and stopped for the best fish and chips I've had in a while. A perfect end to an afternoon and not a cocktail in sight! :)

Looking for a place to go wild swimming near you? Just use:

2. Go exploring on rent-a-bike's! 


Another outdoor thing you can enjoy well into the Autumn months is a nice long cruise along the canal. Or, alternatively you could even play tourist in your own city and ride around there! 

Get a few of you together for a group outing or just go in a pair.. you end up having a right laugh, with good conversations and if you're lucky, a bit of a spice girls sing along during the journey. It's a great change of scenery plus it's a cheap as chips day out too! 

If you don't own a bike then just do what we did and rent. Most cities have rent-a-bike places - if you're in Leeds then you can rent one from Bike & Go located just outside the station for only £3.80 for the day!. Make sure you sign up in advance here. 

Disclaimer: alright, we may have brought a bottle of prosseco for the journey - but you don't have to! 


If you haven't been to Go Ape already then I'd really recommend. Climbing and zip lining over trees is a refreshing change from the usual weekend plans. I've been on both a rainy February day and a sunny summer one - both were lots of fun regardless of weather! 

My favourite Go Ape that I've visited is at Dalby Forrest - who also have Segway experiences where you can zoom around in the lovely scenery if you don't fancy being up in the trees. 

Find your nearest Go Ape right here.

4. Go kayaking with the local kayak club

You may have seen mentioned in a previous post that I called my new found hobby canoeing... well the water sports police have let me know it's actually KAYAKING. (soz!). Either way it's such good fun and a great way to bring out the inner bad ass Pocahontas in you! *just around the riverbend*

Most clubs run pretty regular sessions with week slots and weekend outings, plus they provide you with all your kit and training before heading out on the water! I honestly can't recommend this enough. 

Our local Leeds one in Kirkstall is only £30 to join for the year too so if you get chance - go go go! 

5. Go on a wilderness photoshoot!

"Quick - pretend to look deep in thought" .... *thinks deeply about pizza*

Another great no booze day out is to go exploring a local forrest or nice outdoor spot. You can make it extra fun by taking a camera and having a fun wilderness photoshoot - taking lots of silly snaps along the way! 

I've been careful not to call this a 'nature photoshoot' to avoid any unwanted search traffic! 

6. Hit up a climbing wall!

One that defintely shouldn't be attempted drunk! (Not at all talking from experience there...). 

Climbing walls are a great way to spend a few hours, you start off on the baby ones then work your way up to the big boys until you walk away feeling pretty boss! 

It's not too expensive either - our Leeds Climbing Wall is £7.00 on weekends and £8.50 on week nights - you'd spend that much on one espresso martini! 

I hope you've found something from todays post that you think is worth ditching the cocktails for. 

Where do you go for some booze free fun? 

Gabby xo


  1. I tend to go round my local country park, as the scenery and the views are beautiful! Plus I rarely drink either so... xD

    Isobel x

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  2. This is awesome! I definitely agree with your recommendation for Go Ape at Dalby Forest, that place is so much fun! And I did not know there was a kayaking club or a bike rental place in Leeds. Now I can't wait to try them out :D I just need to find a stand up paddle board centre now and then I'll be all set for next spring!


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