Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Lifestyle | Lessons Learnt From My First Ballet

I was recently very kindly invited to see my first ballet performance through First Direct, who sponsor Northern Ballet. The show was David Nixon's take on Swan Lake, which took place at the beautiful Leeds Grand Theatre.

It turned out to be a great night - I loved everything from the amazing costumes, to the strength of the dancers to pull off such great moves and (eventually) the story line - but more on that later! 

First, here's what I wore to the show and then a couple of important lessons learnt from my first ballet. 

Part 1: Dressing for the ballet

I'd never had to dress for the ballet before, but I knew I wanted to wear something glamorous. On the evening however I was feeling in more of an edgy dressing mood, so to compensate I styled a vibrant cobalt blue evening dress with a black lace harness collar... Maybe not what everyone would wear to the ballet - but I was happy with it!


Part 2: Lessons Learnt From The Ballet

Here are 4 things I learnt from seeing my first ballet performance:

Read the programme BEFORE the show. 

Seems obvious, but if you've never been to ballet you might make the same mistake I did and just rock up without reading the programme at all (yano, like you can do with films etc).

I really enjoyed watching the dancers and their amazingly skilled moves, but it wasn't until the second half that I really got into the show! In the interval someone mentioned something like 'I cant believe they're going after her even though they like each other' - I was like WHAT how have you got that? Turns out, they'd read the programme. So after a thorough study I went into the second half well prepared and it was even more enjoyable knowing what was going on! Easy mistake, right? Right...

Choose those snacks wisely.

You may think that crunchy cornetto ice cream is the snack of choice but I'll warn you now - those tuts from nearby audience members don't justify the tasty chocolate shell, and with each bite you'll feel a fool. It's basically pretty quiet during some scenes of ballet and you don't want to take a big bite right at the tense moment! So, choose your snacks wisely.

Good options include: Solero, tub ice cream, fruit pastilles.

Bring a pound for the binoculars.

If you're going to the ballet you might as well go all out fancy, and nothing makes you feel quite as classy as watching the ballet through some binoculars. It's also a fun and different way to watch a show. Amazing darling!

It's actually really good.

I'd probably class myself as mildly cultured - I can enjoy some decent art and love reading, but I'm not at art galleries every weekend or anything.

I'd always had ballet down as something for those at the massively cultured end of the scale and probably not something I would enjoy too much but actually, it was really good and I'd love to see another show again! I was also in great company with some fellow blogger ladies, which helped to make sipping wine at the intervals extra fun. Thanks to Dash from Mode Lilly, Danielle from Behind the Blonde & Charlotte from Crunch Corner.

What do you think of ballet? Have you seen any performances that you loved? 

Let me know below! 

Thanks so much too Branded 3, First Direct, & Northern Ballet for a really lovely evening & changing my opinion on ballet! :)

Gabby xoxo

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