Friday, 29 April 2016

Fashion | Why Fashion Is Important

I've been pretty obsessed with fashion ever since I was small and loved dressing up my 30+ barbies (and cutting/dying their hair but we won't go into that one!)...  15 years later when I'm about to explore a shop for the first time, I still get that excited little girl feeling I did back then! 

Fashion to me is more than just things looking nice though. It's a fun creative tool that allows you to express how you feel, show your personality, and can even be used to boost your mood.  

I may not be designing or creating the things I wear, but putting something together to create a look is a fun form of creativity in itself. I think it's important everyone has some way to be creative, wether it's through painting, illustrating, designing, creating your perfect interior or garden... whatever it is, I think we all need something to show our creative side. Mine just happens to be fashion (much to disappointment of my bank account!)...
I love how wearing certain outfits can be like stepping into a costume. Wearing a smart outfit can give you professional confidence. Wearing something fun and sexy can make you feel ready for a night out. Something a bit dark and grundy gives you some added edge ready for a gig. A glamorous dress can make you feel set for heading somewhere a bit posh, and so on!

It's funny how something as simple as what you're wearing can affect your mood. And whilst it's only a superficial thing, dressing well makes me feel good - and that has a positive impact on my day, so it is important! 

What does fashion mean to you?....

Here's a recent outfit I shot with the incredibly lovely and talented photographer Matt McCormick

Get the look:

Faux Leather Mini Skirt: £18 Missguided
 White Bodysuit: £18 Missguided
Printed Jacket: £38 Fashion Union
White Sling Back Heels: £18.99 New Look
Brown Saddle Bag: £32 Topshop

I think this outfit has a 'Mr's Sherlock Holmes' feel to it, and it definitely gave me some extra sass wearing it! What does fashion mean to you? Do you dress differently based on your mood? Let me know in the comments. 

Big thanks to Matt for shooting with me - if you're based in Leeds then I'd highly recommend him, such a great guy to work with! 

Thanks for reading & see you soon.

Gabby xo



  1. I love the bag in this outfit, it is just too adorable! Great post!

    Love, Karina
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    The Lovely Look

  2. Gorgeous look and that blazer let it more sophisticated! =)

    NEW POST on


  3. I ALWAYS adore your outfits! You have this amazing sense of style to put them together. I love how classy & elegant you always look.
    Bee |


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