Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Fashion | Ode to Cher Horowitz - Totally Clueless Stylin'

I've always been a lover of the preppy look, so it's no surprise that one major style icon for me is Cher Horowitz from cult classic 'Clueless'.

A film which I usually spend swooning over Cher's killer 90's outfits and all round amazing wardrobe. 

Her virtual wardrobe (you remember the scene!) was the inspiration for me using a wardrobe app myself with all my own outfits on, which makes outfit planning so much easier.

So, for today's post I wanted to pay homage to Cher and show you a very clueless inspired look I put together, plus 5 key pieces to own to ensure you have the ultimate Cher inspired wardrobe. 

Get the look:

White Saddle Bag: £29 Topshop
Jacquard Weave Coat - £49.99 H&M 
White Stich Shirt - £39 Topshop
Gingham Mini Skirt - £35 Topshop

6 Key pieces for the ultimate Cher Horowitz wardrobe.

Want to dress like Cher yourself? Well I can help you out! No clueless inspired wardrobe would be complete without the following 6 pieces:

The Button Front Suede Skirt

Check this super cheap £15 one from Pretty Little Thing

The Long Sleeved Sheer Blouse

Find this similar long sheer shirt at Lipsy here for £26: 

The Matching Plaid Set

I'm in love with this 'highland fling' set from Miss Patina. Find the jumper £49.80 here and the skirt £49.80 here. 

A Selection Of Cute Printed Skirts 

Here's a link to my gingham Topshop skirt featured in today's look. 

The Cropped Jumper

For that ultimate preppy look (extra points for layering with a shirt underneath!). Find this similar red Topshop crop here for £18. 

The Beret

Finish off your Cher collection with her ultimate accessory - the beret. Find this black one at Asos here for just £12.

And that's all for today's post. Hope you enjoyed - let me know in the comments your favourite Clueless look! 

Gabby xo

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  1. Fab outfit Gabby :-) You look great!! I'm totally in love with that coat. I'm really surprised it's H&M as it looks so much more expensive!! :-) Fab post!!


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