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Adventures | Ox Pasture Hall Review & Tips For A Fun Hotel Break

Weekends away are often a rarity in our busy culture, so when you do get the chance to kick back and relax somewhere, you want it to be somewhere really nice.  

I was recently invited to stay for at the luxury countryside Ox Pasture Hall hotel in scarborough, which turned out to be the perfect choice for a weekend away. Once I've shown you the beautiful hotel itself and the food (which barely touched the plate!), then I'll run through my top tips for making the most out of a hotel break away. 

Stepping Into Our Room At The Ox Pasture 

I knew we were in for a treat when we first pulled up to the hotel and I looked out at the beautiful grounds...I couldn't wait to see what was in store! We were met with a warm welcome in reception then escorted through the stunning courtyards to our room.

Our first thoughts when we opened the door were wow! We actually have our own living room? 

Instead of being greeted by the usual bedroom view we were pleased to find a lovely rustic decorated room with TV and a comfy leather sofa, plus a stunning view of the rolling countryside outside. As I walked over to the window a tractor drove past - can't get any more county than that! 

Next we went to explore the other rooms. Does anyone else still do the mandatory jump on the bed routine when staying in a hotel? I don't think I'll ever grow out of that.. After a test of the new mattress (erm.. not like that!), we checked out the bathroom where we found a huuuuuge bath and big walk in shower.  I spotted the his & her sinks and realised we were officially living the dream!

To the left of our living room we spotted some double doors - the BF insisted these were locked and must be for linking rooms.. however being the curious cat I am I decided to have a peak through, and thank god I did! Had I not we may never have uncovered the most beautiful hotel bedroom ever! 

Inside was a huge (and super comfy) bed, another TV, and 6 skylight windows which flooded the room with light. It had to be the nicest hotel room I've stayed in to date - we were so impressed! 

Once we'd calmed over the excitement of our amazing room we decided to take a wander around to explore the rest of the hotel. 

I've stayed in a fair amount of hotels in my time and I can safely say none have had such beautiful grounds like the Ox Pasture. I thought the front was beautiful enough, but we soon discovered the enormous back garden - which even had it's own lake! I can see why people would choose to have their wedding here - it's a gorgeous picture perfect place. 

All the wandering left us a bit thirsty so we went inside to find the bar, which turned out to be another lovely surprise. Opposite the main bar we discovered a cute and cosy snug area with comfy sofas and a wood fire -  the perfect place to crack open a bottle of prosecco. 

Dinning at the Ox Pasture Hotel

So I couldn't do a post on the Ox Pasture without mentioning the ahhhmazing food. 

In the majority of my past experiences I've always found hotel meals to be okay, but never anything to write home about. Thankfully, dining at the Ox Pasture has changed my view on this. Just have a look at some of the fantastic dishes they prepared for us.   

For starters we picked the scallops and ham hock terrine, and for mains the sirloin beef with spelt cottage pie and the lamb with freshly cooked root veg. The presentation was spot on and the flavours of each dish were even better - everything was cooked to absolute perfection.

Although we felt pretty stuffed we had to give the interesting sounding desserts a try, so we went for the rhubarb egg custard and the peanut butter white chocolate and banana bread pudding with bannoffe sorbet. As expected, both were incredibly tasty and beautifully presented. We washed them down with some tasty iced whisky sour shots, then nursed our food babies until we could move again. 

It would be easy to assume that we were treat like royalty during our stay at the Ox Pasture due to the fact we were reviewing the hotel, however, after chatting with other couples who were staying it was clear that this high level of customer service really is practised for all guests. One couple we spoke to had actually returned from another hotel they had booked into after the Ox Pasture, as the place just couldn't compare at all! I also heard the staff speaking with others who seemed to be regulars. 

It was such a fantastic stay, we've already told friends and family about it and even plan to return ourselves (only we'd have to book in for 2 nights next time!). 

Tips For Making The Most Of A Hotel Break

I hope you enjoyed seeing the beautiful Ox Pasture Hall. Here's a few tips below that I think help to make the most out of a hotel break away.

Have some DIY spa fun

Sure, some hotels come with spas that will do everything for you, but why not have some fun yourself (whilst saving lots of money!) by doing your own spa treatments?  

For our stay we picked up some spa treats from the Body Shop which included Tahitian Massage Oil and the Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay.  Weirdly, we were recommended that after applying the body clay we wrap ourselves in cling film for the best effects... but after a few glasses of prosecco the cling film idea went out the window (thank god!).

Do prosecco... in the bath! 

Ok so this one is probably best before the DIY Spa fun to prevent any bodged treatments, but c'mon though, is there anything better than bubbles with bubbles!? We filled the bath with the Body Shop Wild Argon Oil Bubble Bath plus a spoonful of the Egyptian Milk and Honey Powder for added luxury.

Pack those books you've been meaning to read

Sometimes it's difficult to make time for actual reading rather than looking at digital screens, but a weekend away offers the perfect opportunity to get stuck into a book.

For my stay I packed "Reasons to Stay Alive" - which I'll have to admit I was a little surprised at when I opened it on my birthday (wondered what the BF was trying to tell me!), but it's actually a really lovely book and a short easy read - making it perfect for a weekend away. I also packed my favourite self help book "The life changing magic of not giving a f*ck" which is also a pretty excellent (and funny!) read. 

Invest in some special underwear 

I've always wanted to be one of those women who lounges around the house in amazing underwear like some sort of glamorous 60's film star. So I thought why not, and invested in some lovely pieces to take away with me.

It doesn't have to be sexy underwear either.. something that is super comfy and luxurious is a great idea too - cos weekends away should always mean luxury. 

Take some time off social media 

This was the view from the Scarborough pier near the hotel, away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds and penny arcade machines on the front. It was a peaceful moment and one of my favourite memories of the weekend because I was away from all social media and was just focused on the beautiful moment in front of me.

A weekend away is the perfect opportunity to take some time out from the online world and spend some time focusing on the present and people right in front of you. 

So turn off your Twitter/Instagram notifications and experience life without being glued to a screen - it'll be really worthwhile, I promise. And If you need some help with switching off then just check out my post here which features 5 ways to fight the social demon. 

Thank you for reading! I can't thank the ox pasture enough for not only providing us with the stay, but the amazing food and first class hospitality. As I said we've already highly recommended the hotel to friends and are sure we'll be be back ourselves in the future.

See you soon,

Gabby xo


  1. This looks dreamy! I love the idea of staying off social media while doing so, great idea!

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