Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Leeds | The Turk's Head - New Coolest Bar In Leeds?

Leeds' Oldest Pub Has A Makeover

If you're familiar with Leeds then you'll likely have stopped for a pint in the legendary White Locks Ale House. Always busy and bustling with a varied crowd of older folk to young - it's a good place to be and often on the list of places to tick off on a night out.

It was good news then when I got the mail from I Like Press that they were giving one half of the pub a massive makeover. This news made even more exciting by the fact that Lord Whitney (who's Instagram account I frequently stalk) would be responsible for the fresh new look.

If you've not heard of Lord Whitney already, they are a creative Leeds studio who've worked on some pretty exciting projects (including creating the set for Nicky Minage's music video The Night Is Still Young!). Their insta is full of random props and behind the scenes shots making them an exciting company to keep up with. Feel free to stalk them yourself here 

Introducing ..... The Turks Head! 

When you walk into the Turk's head you're greeted by a very grand looking botanical style bar. An array of different coloured bottles fill the cabinet beneath it where you'll find some interesting labels - anyone for a shot of arsenic?  

The bar was packed full when we vistied so I didn't manage to get tonnes of pictures - thankfully local photographer Justin Slee has shared some of his amazing pics with me below so you can get a good peak into the newly designed place. 

Unusual Bar Snacks & Booze I'll be Back For

Let's talk about the booze! When I first skimmed the cocktail menu it was the 'Seasonal Shrub' that caught my eye. A sweet and sour mix using the shrub of the day, which turned out to be one of the most refreshing cocktails I'd actually ever tried. It had a lovely zesty fresh taste - definitely one you could have again and again (which I did!).  

Although not a beer girl myself, the other half was happy with the huge choice of beers on offer - which included 12 on tap and 2 cask lines, including beers from leading breweries Five Points Brewing Company, Ilkley Brewery and Cloudwater. You can even find beer in the cocktail menu such as in The Five Point Spritz which is a mix of pale ale and Aperol. 

Onto the bar snack menu, which has a very victorian influence with the likes of crispy pig's ears, deep fried cauliflower, Yorkshire cheese board, picked eggs, potted pigs head(!), and cornish pilchards on toast. 

Whilst I'm not sure I'd tuck into a stinky pickled egg during a night out I would be all over that cheese board, and it certainly takes the cake over the usual pub snack of a packet of walkers. 

We kept saying we would leave for some tea all night but the cocktails were flowing and the vibes were good so by the time we actually left there wasn't a restaurant in Leeds serving, so it was a good ol' dirty chicken takeaway for us.

We ate our greasy tea back at home whilst belting out the cheesy power ballads and I danced on the couch in my pants until I remembered FACK it's a Thursday and called it a night to avoid a Friday write off.

All signs of a great night, courtesy of The Turks Head.

Will I be back? Definitely - and you should check it out too.

Thanks for reading. 

Gabby xo



  1. Ooh I went here last Saturday and the place is such a treat! I love the decor and the selection of drinks is pretty unique. A great balance to White Locks 😊

  2. Such a great review and that drink you're drinking looks soo good! Happy Sunday!

    Love, Karina
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    The Lovely Look


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