Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Fashion | I'll Stop Wearing Yellow When They Make A Brighter Colour

And It Was All Yellow 

I've really been going to town on the mustard yellow usage in my outfits recently. Although not really a winter trend, it's such a happy colour and always a sure fire way to brighten up any outfit.

It started with my purchase of the yellow/mustard Topshop coat (which barely leaves my back) until eventually the yellow items just kept creeping into my wardrobe and taking over my Instagram feed. Just call me a peanut M&M. 

So, due to my yellow loving, I thought I'd show you how I'd styled it in a recent outfit, which I wore to an incredibly fun Murder Mystery event! Hope you enjoy. 

How To Style Mustard Yellow - Go Bright Or Go Home!  

When I got an invite to a murder mystery dinner with the dress code set as a 'dress to impress, fancy' sort of thing, my first thoughts went to a recent River Island purchase: A blue a-line skirt with a striking aztec print. Although not your typical evening dress attire, I was sure I could turn it into a fancy look with the right pieces.

So out came my yellow Topshop top - I decided I may as well go all out and match bright with bright. It ended up matching perfectly with the skirt, creating a bold, colourful look. I added a pair of red heels (keeping with the primary colour theme!) and a detailed necklace to create a jazzy bright attire. I love it when I can have fun with my fashion and this outfit was definitely that. 

It was a freezing cold day but before the event me and fellow blogger Dei from Sunnydei headed out for a little shoot... and then rushed inside to rescue our icicle hands with warm tea. The things you do for content! 

Blue Aztec Print Skirt - £32 River Island  / Mustard Yellow Top - £22 Topshop /Rust Red Heels - £19.99 New Look / Necklace - £7.99 New Look

Where I Wore It - Murder Mystery Fun With Posh Flooring

The event was a sit down murder mystery dinner held at The Hilton Hotel in Leeds - a fun dinning experience put on for us by the lovely people at Posh Flooring

After a few introductory drinks we sat down at our tables, when shortly after a man burst into the room throwing himself onto the floor, screaming in pain and dying dramatically....the rumours were true - the food IS that bad.

Only joking of course, it was actually part of the murder mystery game and we'd just met the murdered person. Next, sherlock and the police arrived and we were handed our packs to begin the investigation! 

After bigging up my skills as the one who's done a forensic degree, I took the gloves for finger print duty.. and then managed to touch the evidence cup with my bare hands.. woops! I blame the fact there was no wine involved in uni lectures.. (usually).

We were treated to a 3 course meal of soup, roast dinner and an interesting white chocolate dessert. I thought it was good to be honest - it can be difficult getting these things right when catering to such a large group all at once, but the food was hot, tasty and everyone seemed to enjoy it. 

When it came to announcing the murderer...our table sadly didn't guess correctly, but I'm just going to blame that sneaky wine again - 4 glasses in and I could barely read the clues let alone decipher them. Plus the fact that we were trying to think outside the box, the killer was far too obvious in my opinion! (Sore loser much?). 

It was actually a really good laugh - something I'd definitely do again with a group of friends. It's the sort of thing that gets you chatting easily too so perfect for a blogging event when you're often sat with strangers. 

Huge thanks to Search Labs for inviting me down to the event, the Hilton for hosting & feeding us and of course Posh Flooring who made it all possible. 

Have you ever been to a murder mystery event? And would you consider adding some bold yellow colour to your wardrobe?

Let me know your thoughts below :)

Thanks for reading.

Gabby xo


  1. I LOVE yellow! I wish I could wear it more but unfortunately it kind of clashes with my hair ::( You look amazing! I also want tp go to a murder mystery event - that sounds like it was a lLOT of fun and so my kind of things. Miss you Hun :(

    Sarah xxx www.whatsasssays.com

  2. This sounds awesome! I'd of loved to attend an event like this even though I'm literally awful at solving things like this hahaa looked like a lot of fun though! Hope to see you at future events Gabby! :)

    Isobel x

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  3. Love the cute outfit! That yellow looks great! Especially with red heels! :)

    And props to you for braving the cold to get some outdoor shots! :)

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  4. This is so cool! Murder mysteries are always interesting to me. The yellow blouse with the print of the skirt goes perfectly. Lovely look!

    Love, Karina
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