Tuesday, 24 March 2015

From Catwalk to Highstreet, 70's Inspired Styling

Over the past few months I've been browsing through the various trends from the AW15 fashion week shows. I love looking through all the different designs and I noticed a big trend for AW15 was 70's prints and styles, which I'm already a huuuuge fan of. 

Rewind back to September when the SS15 trends were introduced on the catwalk, 70s was again a big contender with bright retro prints and styles playing a big role. It seems like 70's styling will always remain a key part of fashion culture. (Hurray!). Here are some of my favourite looks from the spring/summer 15 shows:

London FW SS15 - House Of Holland

Paris FW SS15: Saint Laurent

Milan FW SS15Blumarine, Max Mara, Dolce & Gabanna & Marni

You don't actually have to look far (or in the very expensive places!) to try recreate the 70's Fashion revival this spring - as I recently found out on a trip to Zara who have totally nailed the trend. Here are two particular pieces I picked up from there which I thought were very 70s-esque. 

The Cut Out Circle Print Playsuit

Cut Out Printed Playsuit - £29.99 Zara / White Top - Boohoo (bought last year) / Tan Satchel Bag - £17.99 New Look / Brown heels - £19.99 New Look / Brown World Map Watch* - £10 Tallulah's Threads

Sadly we're not quite at sleeveless weather yet so I decided to layer this up with a white top which had pretty lace sleeve detailing, and some brown accessories which tied the outfit together nicely. 

Last spring I invested in some beauuutiful white roller skates which unfortunately had me flat on my arse so many times I kinda gave up on them. However, I thought I'd get them out for you again this spring and create a super retro (and nerdy!) look by styling them with this outfit! Just in case, you know, you're looking for some "how to style my roller skates" inspiration? ......

Sadly, I still need a lot of practise using them before I can manage to not look like a crazy woman wearing them. One day. 

Red And White 70's Floral Dress

Red Floral Dress - £29.99 Zara / White Bag - Forever21 / Black Bodysuit Top - £12 Boohoo / Necklace - £2.99 Primark / Black Boots - £35 Miss Selfridge

Again, for this outfit I decided to layer a top underneath to save me from freezing over in the colder spring days. I just love the bright bold print and how the white in the bag makes the white flowers pop! Certainly a new spring outfit favourite for me :)

Hope you enjoyed reading, what do you make of the 70's revival trend? Is it your thing or do you think it should be left in the past? I love it when you leave me your blog links so please do in the comments below & let me know your thoughts! 

Until next time..

Gabby xo


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Interview With Instagram's OOTD Queen - HeyItsAnnaBanana!

Hey lovely people! :)

In today's post I wanted to share with you a little about how I ended up in the blogging world, and also an interview that I recently organised with the insanely popular instagrammer - Heyitsannabanana! 

Why I Began Blogging

It all started a few years ago when I created my first Instagram page. Not being sure where to begin, my first picture ended up being of our red Smega fridge. Yeah I know what you're thinking, a fridge? Really? Not cool. But that was before I had discovered the fabulous world of the OOTD! After a bit of exploring I started finding these #ootd shots of all different styles, from girls all over the world. Then I came across Anna's Instagram, which was a whole page dedicated to her different looks and outfits - which I instantly fell in love with! I loved how she showed you how to style an item 3 different ways, and how she experimented with a range of different styles.

From then on I kept up to date with her page like it was cosmo magazine, and I also noticed more and more girls creating these fashion pages, which I began to follow. I loved the idea of sharing outfit snaps with other like minded people, and getting inspiration from each others styles, so in the end I decided to give it ago myself. Mainly because, I was raging shopaholic anyway!

Exhibits A & B above are some of the terrible images that I first ever uploaded to my new page. Granted, my camera skills weren't amazing and would it have killed me to tidy up/move the random tissue off the floor lol?!  ... but it was a start! 

Eventually the images got better...and about a year ago I decided to jump into the blogging world. I've never thought of myself as a creative person, I'd always be better at science than I was at art, but I do really love the creative outlet fashion blogging has given me! Not to mention the experiences and awesome people you get to meet along the way. :)

Interview Time

Now lets get to the good bit! I've been exchanging comments with Anna on insta for a while (I even had a mini fan girl moment when she followed me last year!) so I decided to see if she would be interested in answering a few questions for my blog. As always, she was super kind and happily agreed to take part... so here they are:

1. It was a few years ago when I found your page on insta, I instantly loved the ootd shots and looking at how you styled different items - it actually inspired me to start up my own page. What inspired you to start your own fashion account?
Thanks so much, Hun! I've always been into fashion and I've always love reading blogs or watch lookbook videos on YT for inspiration. Before IG, I used to post my outfits on Facebook but people on there didn't appreciate it that much, lol! I think it was back in 2010 and my friend told me about this new app called Instagram. I've only signed up to use the filters then I came across this #ootd hashtag and I saw so many girls and guys posting their cute outfits so I started doing the same :) 

2. And did it surprise you how quickly your followers grew?
Yes! I was really surprised when so many people started following me. I mean I'm just an ordinary girl posting daily outfits and I didn't think that people would love them! 

3. You’re nearly at a million followers now - do you ever get recognised when you’re out and about? 
 I know I'm getting anxious, lol! There have been a few occasions where I got recognized. They just ask me if I was Heyitsannabanana from IG :) 

4. What advice could you give for anyone starting up their own fashion account? Was there anything you did that you found really helped to grow yours?
Just be yourself. Be friendly and stay humble. Start interacting with other fashionistas. Always be supportive of others. Leaving nice comments that would always make someone's day :) 

5. What do your family and friends think about your insta fame? They must be so proud of what you’ve achieved! 

At first, they didn't understand what I was doing. My husband would always complain how much time I spend on IG. People around me thought I was just being conceited and showing off. But now they're used to it. They understand that this is what I love and enjoy doing so they don't say anything anymore. They're actually very proud of me now :) 

6. Have you met any friends from running your fashion page? And who's your style inspiration on Instagram?
One of the reasons why I love IG is that you meet so many people who share the same interests as you do! I've met up with so many girls and I still keep in touch with them :) I really love it! My style inspiration would be sincerelyjules. I just love her simplicity and I can relate more to her style. 

7. What’s been the best thing that’s come from starting up your fashion account?
And the worst?
The best thing would definitely be meeting new friends! I've made so many and most of them I talk to almost everyday :) That and I started my own business which is really cool because it's something that I enjoy doing. I can't really think of any worst thing but sometimes IG gets a little overwhelming. 

8. You must have the biggest closet ever! Where do you store all your clothes!? And where’s your favourite place to shop if you had to pick?
I wish! I seriously need more room for my clothes, lol! I have a small walk in closet and I bought some shelves and a dresser from ikea for extra storage :) 

I would pick Target! They have everything that you need ;) 

9. Lastly, what are your plans for the future - do you think you’ll start up a blog or venture into anything else? 
I would love to have my own clothing line/boutique in the future :) I don't think I'm going to start a blog anytime soon. 

And that's all of the questions! I hope you enjoyed, and if you've got a question for Anna about her success or anything you're interested in etc - then just let me know in the comments and i'll make sure I ask her the best ones, and update the blog post with her answers! :) You can also find her awesome Instagram page here.

Have a lovely rest of the week - I'll be back very soon! 

Gabby xo


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Wolf And Whistle New Spring Collection

Hey guys,

I've had a bit of a mini break from blogging recently (sometimes it's just needed!) but happy to be back today with a post all about the beautiful clobber at Wolf And Whistle.

I was lucky enough to be asked to pick a dress from their spring collection to review, and after browsing their site my eyes instantly went to a pretty little navy number, with a vintage style and the cutest print! You can already feel spring getting closer, the day's are getting longer (WAHOO for extra time in the evening to take blog pictures!!) and it's definitely getting gradually warmer, so here's a little preview of how I would style the dress for a day out in the lovely spring sunshine :)

 Navy and cream cotton dress* - £65 Wolf & Whistle / Tan Satchel Bag - £19.99 New Look / Necklace - Primark / Cream Strappy shoes - £19.99 New Look / Brown hat - Primark / Ukulele - £19.99 Dawsons Music

If you're wondering what the ukulele is all about - I recently turned 24 which means I am officially (and quite reluctantly) in my MIDDLE TWENTIES AHHHH. Ok I know it's not that old, but it got me thinking that there's loads of things that I've not done yet which I really should have by now - one of them being to learn to play an instrument. So here I am with little ol Doris! I went to my first lesson on Saturday which surprisingly went quite well, I can kinda play The Beatles "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" now hurray!

Once i've had a lot more practise, I plan on writing a fun song and ticking another thing off my SHIT I'M GETTING OLD to-do list - which is to perform at an open mic night! We'll see how that goes though ha!... :)

Thanks for reading anyway, and I hope you check out the beautiful Wolf & Whistle spring collection. I'll leave you with a few more of my favourites which I found from their site: 

See you soon! 

Gabby xo

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