Sunday, 26 October 2014

How To Style Autumn/Winter Boots

Hey guys,

So apologies in advance for some of the ridiculously wind swept pics on todays post - the weather at the moment is very un-blogger friendly! 

Todays entry is all about how I'm styling my autumn/winter boots .. 

The Platform

So first up is the platform, which is the edgier (and braver!) choice for a winter boot. I received some gorgeous black ones from Simmi Shoes recently - I just love the wooden heel and how they look and feel as expensive as Jeffrey Campbells, but for a fraction of the price! Here are 2 ways I styled them:

Red Tartan Dress - Ark Clothing / Grey Crop Jumper - £14.99 Missguided /  Black Faux Leather Boots - £30 Simmi Shoes / Spike Necklace - £7.99 New Look / Black Fedora Hat - £25 Topshop / Black Belt - £8 Accessorize 

I think these boots are perfect for spicing up a simple outfit, and despite their edginess they do actually go really well with cute skirts or dresses. They also look great with trousers too as shown in the next pics - such a versatile pair of boots!  I got a size 6 as I'm usually a 5-6 and they fit like a dream - I would definitely recommend :) 

Gingham Joni Jeans - Topshop / Black High Neck Body Suit - £9.99 Missguided / Silver Statement Necklace - £7.99 Newlook / Button Camel Coat - £59 Miss Selfridge / Black Fedora Hat - Topshop / Black Faux Leather Boots - £30 Simmi Shoes

The Knee High

I actually only decided to invest in a pair of knee highs for the first time this year. I had bad memories of wearing them with denim hot pants as a teenager so they usually just make me cringe - but glad I decided to give them another go as they're great (especially when you're not trying to go for the teen cowgirl look!) 

Here's how I styled them for first, a simple day look and then, a flirty date night look :)

Green Coat - Miss Selfridge (old) / Blue Denim Joni Jeans - £36 Topshop / Green Printed Top - £30 Topshop /  Long heart necklace - Topshop / Black Knee High Boots - £34 New Look

Red Crop Top - £7.99 Select Fashion / Pink Floral Skirt - Pull And Bear (bought on a recent trip to Barcelona) / Black & Gold Bag - Accessorize / Black Knee High Boots - £34 New LookBlack Fedora Hat - £25 Topshop / Black Belt - £8 Accessorize 

The Heeled Boot

And last but not least are these cute and comfy brown heeled boots from New Look, which I have worn to death recently! Here's how I styled them with a pretty smock dress & if you check out some of my recent posts you'll find some more looks with them featured in too :) 

Black & Red Floral Smock Dress With Lace Trim - £19.99 New Look / Maroon Coat - £89 Miss Patina / Dark Red Fedora - £25 River Island / Brown Buckle Bag - £12 Accessorize / Brown Leather Belt - £22 Accessorize / Brown Heeled Chelsea Boots - £24.99 New Look

You may have noticed that all these boots have some type of heel - this is because I'm a massive heel fiend and actually never wear flats (mainly due to the fact that I'm pretty vertically challenged at just 5'3). But I recently found out another great excuse is that it's actually been proven wearing heels can prevent arthritis in the knees. Score!

Have a great week anyway, and see you soon :) 

Gabby xoxo 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Work Wear #6

Hey wonderful people!

Back with another work wear themed post today.

I like to mix it up at work and whilst some days I'll go for the really girly outfits (such as pretty printed dresses), other days I'll feel like dressing a little more edgier! 

Here's a few of my more girly work looks from recent weeks:

Navy Polka Dot Smock Dress

Polka Dot Smock Dress* - £5 Hidden Fashion / White Shirt - Boohoo / Pink Bag - £19.99 Asos / Pink Heels - £19.99 Newlook / Rope Belt - £32 now reduced to £16 American Apparel 

This vintage style little beauty was sent to me by the lovely people at Hidden Fashion. It costs just £5 to buy - yes FIVE POUNDS! Not even primark do things that cheap anymore! And honestly, you wouldn't know from the quality that it was so inexpensive. Bargain dress of the year? I think so!  You can get lots of other pretty & purse friendly dresses on their website (link here). 

Miss Selfridge Black & Floral Playsuit

Pussybow Printed Playsuit - £45 Miss Selfridge (now reduced to £20!?) / Brown bag - £7 Primark / Black Heels - £19.99 H&M 

Going super girly (and quite classy I think) with this Miss Selfridge Playsuit - I'm actually pretty pissed off right now because I just went to get the link and have found out it's now reduced from £45 to £20 (I ONLY BOUGHT IT A FEW WEEKS AGO!) Haha never mind, good for you guys should you want to buy it :) - If you do tweet me @gabbytweets_ and feel free to brag!

Pink Skater Dress & Floral Jacket

Pink Skater Dress - £30 Topshop / Floral Jacket - £24.99 Newlook / Brown Satchel - Next / Bead Necklace - £5 Primark / Black Heels - £19.99 H&M

You may notice this is the jacket featured in a 2 piece set from a previous work wear post. Well I like to make sure I get plenty of wear out of my clothes so I styled it with this pretty pink skater dress from Topshop for a very Barbie esque work look! (Did anyone else have like 1 Ken and 30 Barbies when they were younger? The girl to guy ratio was just not good for playing relationships - Ken was a sleaze!)

Moving on, here's a few of the less cutesy looks from recent weeks:

Leather Skirt & Aztec Jacket

Black Faux Leather Pencil Skirt - £35 Miss Selfridge / White Top - £9 Boohoo / Aztec Jacket - Missguided / Brown Satchel - Accessorize 

I'd been looking for a leather skirt for this winter (since last years is a bit of a squeeze to get into now oops!) when I came across this awesome one from Miss Selfridge. I just love its asymmetrical style and think it looks great with the aztec jacket for a fun but professional work outfit.

Royal Blue Mesh Dress

Blue Strappy Maxi Dress- £17.99 Cameo Rose @ Newlook / Black Bow Bag - £7 Primark /Black Stappy Heels - £19.99 Newlook / Bad Fake Tan Job - Priceless

As you can probably tell I like to wear lots of colour to work! It's definitely a way to brighten up the day :) Cobolt blue is definitely back this winter after it was featured loads on the London fashion week catwalks - so I was happy when I snapped this bargain blue dress from New Look. 

And that's all for today, what about you guys - how do you define your work style? And what do you think is the best style for work? I'd love to know your opinions! 

See you soon,

Gabby xoxo

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Barcelona Style Diary - Featuring Damned Delux @ The Hut

Hey guys,

Remember me? Ha I've been so bad with blogging lately, I've just not had the chance to get any pics taken, and it's so difficult now that the sun goes down at like 6.15pm at night! Damn you autumn. But I'm back now and ready to jump back into it :)

I recently went on a very last minute trip to Barcelona for the BF's 29th b'day, so thought I'd share a few holiday snaps as well as some pics of what I wore. You'll probably notice that a few of the pics aren't taken in Barcelona.. well it turns out getting outfit pics done properly when you're either full of sangria or just generally too busy seeing the sights, is pretty hard! But I still managed to get a few shots at home to share with you guys anyway.

Day 1 - Friday exploring the "Gothic Quarter"

So somehow on Friday morning we managed to jump out of bed at 3am and set off to manchester airport, by 7.15am we were in the air and by 10.15am we were in SUNNY BARCELONAAA!

We spent much of the first day exploring the gothic quarter of the city. It was so amazing, like a labyrinth of cute boutique shops and restaurants. One of my favourites was this amazing circus themed ice cream shop!

The outfit I went for on the Friday was a cute tile print tunic dress I had found in Newlook just the day before.  I teamed it with some comfy brown heeled chelsea boots (also from Newlook), a brown mini Accessorize bag and added some turquoise accessories. (Newlook again!) 

Tunic Tile Print Dress - £19.99 Newlook / Brown Tan Heeled Chelsea Boots - £24.99 Newlook / Mini Brown Push Lock Bag - £12.00 Accessorize / Necklace & Bracelets - Newlook (old)

On the night I wore a pretty pink babydoll dress from Miss Selfridge with some black Newlook Heels, a Newlook jewelled statement necklace & a black and gold bag from Accessorize. 

Pink Babydoll Dress - £39 Miss Selfridge / Jewelled Statement Necklace - £9.99 Newlook / Black & Gold Bag - Accessorize / Black Strappy Heels - £19.99 Newlook (old)

(It's pictures like these that remind me I need to fake tan more often - you'd think the dress was floating in thin air!!)

Day 2 - Saturday, Market & Local Town Exploring

Do you know one of the best things about barcelona (if you're a greedy pig like me) is how there seems to be a bakery on every street, packed full of calorific yummies! We were lucky enough to be staying really close the most amazing one which served amazing coffee too. We grabbed a selection of buns and pastries, then headed to the local park for a breakfast picnic in the sunshine - so lovely! :)

Later we headed into the local town and ended up stumbling across a medieval festival! It was quite cool they had people literally making everything, from glasses, to fabric, to baskets - not to mention they had some amazing food stalls & BBQ's. 

On the evening we went for the most amazing meal at a local restaurant (had the best tapas!!) then went to see the beautiful Montjuic magic fountain for the light show. I wore a black lace dress from Topshop, along with the black strappy Newlook heels & black Accessorize bag from before. 

We were looking for somewhere to go out when once again we came across the festival from earlier which had turned into a massive street party! We ended up dancing all night with the locals - so much fun and definitely a highlight of the trip :)

Black Lace Bodycon Dress - £42 Topshop / / Black & Gold Bag - Accessorize / Black Strappy Heels - £19.99 Newlook (old)

Oh heyy new spanish friends

Day 3 - Sunday, Tour Bus & dinner on the beach 

The last day came far too quickly but thankfully our flight wasn't till 10pm so we had all day to play! We decided to be proper tourists and get on the open top bus - which is actually a great way to see the city as you can hop on and hop off all day :) 

We also had a lovely dinner on the beach, I ordered a mixed grill not realising I'd get a plate of meat big enough to feed 3 people (no wonder the waiter looked at me funny when I ordered!!). The bf ordered a fish dish and ended up squirting prawn juice all over his pants by accident. It was so funny when he had to explain to the poor guy next to us on the plane why he smelt like fish!! Oops!

(the BF can pose better than I can!)

For the last days outfit I'd actually packed more autumn appropriate clothes (not realising it was going to be 27 degrees weather - it was meant to be rainy!). Thankfully the top was light enough and I could just use the cardigan for the cooler evening.

I was lucky enough to receive the skirt & jumper from the lovely people at the Hut from their fantastic "Damned Delux" range, and I actually thought both pieces worked really well together for a cute autumn/winter look!

Cream Cardigan* - £25 from Damned Delux at The Hut /  Lace Skater Skirt* - £9 From Damned Delux at The Hut / Brown Tan Heeled Chelsea Boots - £24.99 Newlook /  Dark Red Crop Top - £7.99 Select Fashion /  Mini Brown Push Lock Bag - £12.00 Newlook / Jewelled Statement Necklace - £9.99 Newlook / Chunky brown leather belt - £22 Accessorize  / Tan Fedora Hat - £7 Primark

And that's it for tonight's post - thanks so much for reading! I would definitely recommend Barcelona for an awesome weekend away - if you can get cheap, decent flights like we did it's definitely worth it! Also make sure you check out The Hut for more amazing bargain buys (still can't believe that skater skirt is priced at only £9!).

Have a lovely week.

Gabby xo

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