Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Uncommon Nonsense 1st UNbirthday Party!

Hi Guys!

Hope everyone's been enjoying the sunshine!

I recently attended a lovely gathering to celebrate the first birthday of the super amazing "Uncommon Nonsense", and wanted to share a few snaps from the event!! The theme was "wonderland couture" so I decided my Styleiconscloset dress was the perfect fit for the occasion - with the addition of a floral crown from Newlook :)

The evening was celebrated in the lovely Sunshine Bakery in Chapel Allteron, which btw is my new favourite for cakes/buns - they were AMAZEEE-ing! The night had a really great vibe - and it was lovely to meet everyone behind uncommon nonsense, like Kate one of the fab models and Vicky the very talented photographer! Some of the snaps I'm sharing with you today are ones she took - you can check out her lovely website here!

Here are some shots of the tastiest buffet ever!! : 

After sampling some of the delicious food from the buffet, we went outside to the beautiful garden area and drank bubbly from tea cups - perfect! We also had some cute props to play around with!

I think the the thing I love about uncommon nonsense (apart from the ridiculously cute printed dresses) is the actual story behind the company. It all started when Gemma, the gorgeous and talented lady behind it all, went to buy herself a dress from a popular indie shop. After previously having her son, she had obviously changed dress size, but when she tried this dress on in her current size she was surprised to find it didn't fit. The dress was meant to be a size 12,  but when Gemma actually properly measured it she found it was barely a size 8!! This is definitely something I have come across especially with shops such as Topshop - where I can be anything from an 8 to a 12!!

Anyway, this was the start of something beautiful as Gemma decided to buy some fabric from a local shop and constructed the very first uncommon nonsense dress! Pleased with it, she decided to put some of her creations on etsy - and they all sold immediately! Soon she had her own website, was sending samples out to companies, and even had her stock sell out in urban outfitters over christmas! Then in february they were featured in Vogue!! Gemma had gone from majoring in physcology training to be a councillor ... to owning her own popular clothing business! Just amazing!


I really did feel the general vibe at the party was that everyone was proud of Gemma and how far she'd come in such a short space of time, a
nd I really do think uncommon nonsense has a great future ahead of it! I for one will definitely be buying one of their cute dresses for summer!! :)

Thanks for reading, and please do check out their site and have a look at their fabulous pieces - you won't be disappointed! I will leave you with a cute picture of Gemma and her Mum before the party :


Until next time!

Gabby x


  1. Wow what a lovely event! The decor is so cute and quirky! You are definitely dressed perfectly for it in the floral dress. Hope you had a great time!


    1. Thanks lovely! Was a great evening! :) x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much alice :) will check out your blog! x x


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