Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Holiday Edit

Hey Guys!

So I'm not going on holiday till late August/early september time but that doesn't mean I can't be excited and plan some holiday appropriate outfits! :) I've also included my holiday make up essentials!

The Outfits

For me, holiday outfits mean lots of bright prints and florals and light clothing to keep cool! I think when I'm abroad I'm also a little more adventurous in what I wear as I feel more comfortable to step out of my comfort zone and try new things! 

Generally day wear for me abroad is a bikini, a kimono and some flip flops - but of course you do need some light outfit options for when you're exploring! Me and my partner always end up lost on some isolated mountain together or in a random cafe in the middle of nowhere - but I think thats the fun of it! :) Here are a couple of day wear outfits I will be packing!

Pastel Florals

Newlook Floral Mint Dress - £19.99 // Primark Brown Bag  // Breo pastel blue watch* - £30 // Mint & Gold Accesorize necklace - £8

I love the colours on this bright floral strapless dress, and it goes perfectly with the lovely Breo watch I recently received for a perfect pastel summer look! 

Stripes And Floaty Skirts 

Topshop Striped Top - £12 // Newlook Pink Floaty Skirt - £14.99 // Primark Necklace // Newlook Daisy Hat - £9.99 // Newlook Wedges - £19.99 // American Apparel belt - £32 // Primark Bag

This look would be perfect if you're going out for the day but have sun burn (I always do without fail!). The skirt is made from thin material and isn't too much to handle in the hot sun! :) 

Crotchet And Print

Topshop Tile Print Top - £16 // Topshop Crotchet Skirt - £38 // Primark Bag - £4.99 / Newlook Brown Wedges

One of my favourite outfits! I don't know why but the print on this top just reminds me of holidays! And I love how it looks with the white crotchet skirt!

Tapestry Print

Topshop Tapestry Dress - £36.00 // Primark Brown Bag - £4.99 // Primark White Wedges -£10 // Newlook Gold Necklace - £7.99

Another holiday inspiring print - this tapestry dress caught my eye straight away when I spotted it in Topshop! 

I'll also need some clothes for nights out on the trip, I usually like to bring a selection of "Bar-street-all-nighter" outfits and "Relaxed-meal-and-a-few-drinks" outfits! So for the more wilder nights I'll be packing some outfits like these :

Tropical Topshop

Topshop Tropical Print Dress - £42 // Asos Heart Bag - £19.99 // Newlook Cardigan // Topshop Necklace // Newlook Black Shoes - £24.99 

Fruit Print Fun

Oh My Love Fruit Print Dress - £39.99 // Red Topshop Mini Satchel // Topshop Gold Necklace // Red Newlook Heels - £19.99

And for the more chilled out nights I'll be wearing some outfits like these:

 Zara Swing Dress

Zara swing dress - £29.99 // Primark Necklace  - £4.99 // Asos heart shaped clutch -  £19.99 // H&M white blazer // Newlook Black Shoes - £24.99 

Red & White Florals

Omg Fashion Red Dress *- £20 //  Newlook Black Shoes - £24.99  // Asos heart shaped clutch -  £19.99

I love this red dress from Omg Fashion - I've seen similar in some other online retailers but this one is much more purse friendly at only £20! 

The Make up

For the hot summer days it has to be minimalistic - I definitely can't cope with foundation in the heat! Here are the few products I'll be wearing on my face this summer/holiday!

Clinique Lash power Mascara  
I've mentioned this mascara before (see here) but it had to be mentioned again for the holiday edit! The most perfect water resistant mascara ever! You can jump in the pool and it stays on fine, and then jump in a hot shower and it falls off beautifully without any pander eyes or effort! It's my go to mascara from clinique and I just LOVE it!

Rimmel Match Perfect Concealer 
Everyone raves about the collection 2000 concealer however I find it drys quite quickly and isn't a patch on my trusty Rimmel concealer! I rub a small bit between my fingers (to warm it up so it goes on easier) then lightly pat it under my eyes and around the redness of my nose! I also hide the odd spot with it!

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Just to help with shine on the nose and and rest of T zone! I go for silky beige to add a bit of colour too!

Clinique Chubby Stick
This little beauty is not only moisturising but it leaves your lips with some nice colour which stays on very well I find!

And thats all for now, thanks for reading and see you next time! :) 

Gabby x 



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    1. Thank you sweetie! So glad you liked :)

      Thanks for leaving your blog I'll take a look now <3 x x x

  2. You are going to look gorgeous on your vacation!! I'm seriously so envious of your dress collection. I especially love the maxi skirt look and tapestry print dress. Can't wait to see photos of your trip! Have fun!


    1. Thank you gorgeous! Love reading your kind comments :) x x

  3. great post!! I love looking at what others wear on holiday, I'm also more adventurous when I go abroad. I especially love the second outfit, floaty skirts are the best. would love if you could check out my blog :)


    1. Hey Louise! Thank you so much - really glad you liked the post and outfits :) Thanks for leaving your blog link too i'll check it out now! :) x x

  4. I really love all the outfits you've put together, you have such a great sense of style that compliments your figure! xx

    1. Hey Jenny!

      Aw you're so kind! Thank you! :)

      And thanks for leaving your blog link i'll check it out now! <3 x x


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