Sunday, 20 April 2014

Madam Rage Easter Outfit

Hellooooo and HAPPY EASTER!

Hope everyone's had plenty of chocolate and other goodies! I did an easter egg hunt with my little sisters yesterday (CHOCOLATE CHAOS!) and then headed up to the coast to stay with my boyfriends parents, so thought I'd share with you a few snaps of my easter outfit (and their lovely garden!).  

I was recently given the opportunity to pick out a dress as a gift from "Madam Rage". After much deliberation I narrowed it down to 3, and then waited for the chosen one to arrive!

And here it is!!:

What says spring more than florals really? What with all the flowers popping up everywhere,  I thought this was the perfect eastery outfit! :) I teamed it with a Next brown satchel and some brown Newlook wedges - which are my new favourite shoes as they just seem to go with everything! I was gutted when i first picked them up as they said wide fit...but I think the straps stop me from sliding around in them. That or I secretly have fat feet! 

Anyway, if you're looking for some spring outfit inspiration then you really have to look no further than Madam Rage! Their cute dresses are perfect for all your lovely spring outings! Some other dresses on their site that I also love are:

And you can also find the link to the dress I'm wearing here. It's 30% off at the moment for easter so why not treat yourself! :) 

So my spending limit is going quite well! I've been finding so many clothes I'd forgotten all about, because I'd usually just be buying more and more! It's forced me to make more use out of my wardrobe and tbh I think it's improving my style as i've been a bit more daring about mixing prints and trying out new styles! 

That said, I definitely can't wait till May! Work's just so much better when you're getting parcels delivered daily! But I certainly will be appreciating my clothes a lot more from now on! 

Here are a couple of things I have bought this month within the budget! :

Pastel blue shirt from Newlook £12.99 
£10 skirt from Newlook - adorable elephant print and did I mention only 10 POUNDS!!
White Satchel from Newlook - Another bargain only £6 pound!
And finally my favourite shoes of the moment from Newlook £19.99

Bringing me to a total spending of £55 (including a primark cardi I got) ...leaving me with £25 for the rest of the month! Okkk so maybe i'm not doing that well haha, but hey I've not gone over yet and I've only got another week and a bit left to stick it out!


And have a lovely rest of the bank holiday :)

Gabby x 



  1. This is a lovely outfit :D So pretty, perfect for Easter :)
    Hope you had a good Bank Holiday :D

    1. Hey Violet! Thank you so much! Hope you had a great bank holiday too and got plenty of chocolate! :) x

  2. This is such a pretty Easter outfit!! I absolutely love the print. I hope you had a lovely weekend Gabby! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


    1. Heyyyy lovely! Thanks for your sweet comment! No problem - glad we can be blogger friends now as well as instagram buddies! :) x

  3. The dress is indeed gorgeous dear.x Love the print, and it looks perfect paired with brown! Love the dresses you mentioned as well, especially the middle one. As for your budget limit, you are indeed doing great. Love the items you picked, such versatile pieces.x Have a lovely day!

    1. Hi Stephanie!

      Thanks you for your lovely comments - really glad you liked the pieces! Hope you have a lovely day too sweetie! :) x

  4. You match pieces so well with accessories, I love it. I think this look is perfect.


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