Monday, 24 March 2014

March Spring Shopping Haul!


I've gone a little shopping crazy this month with all the lovely spring pieces everywhere,  so I wanted to show you guys some of the cute things I've picked up!

First up is this pink gingham dress from Missguided! I love it's classy style, plus it's made from quite thick material - which means I won't be as cold when I'm outside pretending summer has arrived already! 

Dress: Missguided
Necklace & Shoes: Newlook
Bag: Miss Selfridge

Second is this 70s style blue patterned dress from Quiz. I'd never been to quiz before but when I saw this in the window I knew I had to try it on! I'd previously seen it in "New look" but it had sold out before I got a chance to grab it! I was speaking to the shop assistant in Quiz and she said they often have a few New Look items in - so i'll definitely be going back! 

Dress: Quiz 
Bag: Asos
Heeled Pumps: Glamorous

Third up is yet another floral dress to add to the collection! What can I say...I'm just a tad floral obsessed! And I just loved the colours on this cute one from Newlook!

Dress & Shoes: Newlook
Bag: Asos

Fourth is this blue gingham dress from Newlook, AKA my Dorothy dress! How cute is it really though! Another one I picked up from my first visit to Quiz - which is also available in Newlook! Cannot wait for the weather to get warmer then it's spring picnics ahoy!! 

The fifth spring buy I have to show you is this gorgeous mint floral playsuit from "In love with fashion"! I love the frilly sides (so girly!) and it's a lovely fit! I teamed it with some brown Newlook wedges, a Newlook belt & a little brown bag from Primark. Topped off with a new accessorise necklace!

Playsuit: In love with fashion
Wedges & Belt: Newlook
Bag: Primark

And last but certainly not least is another new favourite from In love with fashion - The absolutely beautiful vintage style polka-dot dress! This is one of those dresses where you just don't want to take it off ever! I'm already a keen lover of a skater dress but this is unlike any other I own - Literally In love with it. 

Dress: In love with fashion
Shoes & Necklace: Newlook

Well that's it for the dresses/playsuits, but I've also recently got my Ikea expedit up - which I've been using as an excuse to buy lots of new shoes and bags! 

For example, I got these fab white boots from ebay for only £12 including postage!  It took 3 weeks for them to get to me from Hong Kong ... but I can't complain at that price - plus they are super comfy and the material seems decent! 

I also ordered these little quilted beauties from Asos! They are about as close to one of those Channel bags as I am ever going to get lol! 

Right well, I think I'd better stop there! Have a lovely week and let me know if you have any of these items too - I'd love to know how you've styled them and get some inspiration! :)

Gabby x 


Saturday, 15 March 2014

Bare Minerals Foundation Review

I've been so lazy these past few weeks but I've been meaning to do a post on my rollercoaster love with Bare Minerals! I say rollercoaster because my opinion on it has changed so much since I began using it! 

I recently decided I needed a change from liquid foundation as I wanted to go for a more natural look for work. I was looking for something that had decent coverage withou feeling too cakey! Thats when I came across the Bare Minerals range..

It sounded amazing "feels like a light powder but leaves your skin glowing" - exactly what I wanted! After reading some great reviews I decided to give it a go and purchased the starter kit for £49. It came with the foundation pot, the "warmth" pot, the mineral veil pot (acts as a finishing powder), a primer and 3 brushes. 

OK, So here's how it went: 

Day 1: After having a look at the DVD that came with it and learning the technique I had my first go. My first thoughts were... amazing!! It really did feel so light yet seemed to give such great coverage. Not to mention the "warmth" pot gave my face such a lovely glow - I was sold!!

Day 2: First day using it for work. So I applied everything as I had learnt and everything seemed fine.. but on our way to work I asked the BF what he thought of the new look. His first words? "shiny disco ball"..! Well, at least he was honest! I had a look and even though i'd only applied it a few hours ago my T zone was soooo shiny looking! I tried applying more of the mineral veil (finishing powder) but within an hour I was shiny again! Don't get me wrong, I don't expect miracles as I usually have to re-apply powder mid day when i use liquid foundation... but i at least expected it to last until mid morning!

Day 3: After the previous days issues I realised what the problem might be - I wasn't using the primer! (Doh!). However I'd never had to use primer to control shine before and I heard it was quite drying for the skin which is why I hadn't bothered. But with Bare Minerals foundation it is absolutely essential! (For me anyway). So I applied the primer before my moisturiser and gave it another go. The results were better... but still not amazing. The T zone was still more shiny than usual and i was about ready to give up!

Day 4: I've always used Rimmels Clear Complexion powder on top of my liquid foundation and have always found it does a good job, so this time I used this instead of the bare minerals veil to see if it made a difference...And thank god it did!! Finally I had found the right combination to make Bare Minerals work for me, my shine was under control and I had the light coverage I had been looking for...phew! 

So, to round it up, I do think Bare Minerals is worth a try. However I wouldn't buy their version of a powder again (the mineral veil) since it didn't seem to work on my skin. Also I noticed the brushes were loosing a lot of bristles within a day of using them, so I would not purchase these again either. (But maybe i've just been spoilt after using the real techniques range?)

What do you guys think? Have you ever tried it? Was it a love or hate relationship lol? ..

Thanks for reading anyway, hope you've had a great week! Going to be posting again tomorrow with my favourite buys of this week (gone a little shopping crazy with all the new spring pieces everywhere oopsy!) 

Until next time, byeee x 

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