Sunday, 9 February 2014

Valentines day outfit ideas!

With the day for lovers getting closer I thought I would do a valentines inspired post of what I'd wear to different date scenarios. Brownie points if you can guess which one I will be doing this Friday!

1. What i'd wear to... A romantic meal out!

For a meal out I would wear this girly floral H&M skirt (only around £12- Bargain!) along with my red boohoo crop top, a black newlook lace style necklace and my favourite newlook heels! We would go to one of the many amazing restaurants in leeds - most likely Sous le Nez for some fantastic french food!

2. What i'd wear to... a hot air balloon ride! 

Ok so wearing a skirt or a dress would be a no for me for this one since you have to climb up into the basket, and knowing me a gust of wind would promptly arrive showing the world my mary! Therefore i'd pick my favourite maroon Newlook jeans teamed with a floral Topshop shirt, a wooly hat, my boohoo brown boots and comfy new look coat for a cozy but cute look! 

3. What i'd wear to... a cinema date!

For the cinema date i would wear this baby blue Miss Selfridge jumper over one of my favourite pieces of the moment - my heart print dress from Glamorous! I love the Everyman cinema in Leeds so we would definitely go there. You get your own little sofa with cushions so you and your partner can snuggle up over some wine and a romantic film (or if your partners like mine he will fall asleep 10 minutes into the great Gatsby and commence very loud snoring!) 

4. What i'd wear to...a romantic meal in! 

I recently bought this super cute floral collar dress from Mary & Milly, and i think teamed with a pair of black Newlook mary-jane heels it would be perfect for a sweet valentines night in! I would cook him steak (his favourite!) with truffle oil mash potatoes, caramelised onions and honey glazed carrots,  and for dessert Delia's easy peasy blender chocolate cake topped with strawberries. All washed down with freshly squeezed pomegranate and champagne cocktails. Yum! 

5. What i'd wear to... a winter picnic! 

For a winter picnic I would wear my Misguided floral pink playsuit with a cozy white Miss Selfridge jumper and chunky Primark boots (and a very warm coat over the top of course!). We would probably we really lazy and buy a kfc bargain bucket with a bottle of wine because we are just that classy! =P

So which one do you think i'll be doing? Well as lovely as a hot air balloon ride would be, it would pretty much be suicide to go on one in this ridiculously windy weather! Also I am very much a whimp when it comes to the cold so that rules out the kfc bucket picnic! I definitely don't fancy being embarrassed at the cinema again and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be happy with any of mushy films being shown ... so this v-day we have opted for the romantic meal in! (I'm cooking god help him!). We are going to Malta this month so decided to go low key - but i'm looking forward to it all the same =) 

What about you guys, what will you be doing this friday? 

Gabby x  


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  1. Aww these outfits are so cute!
    Again a great idea for a post :D I love how you've chosen different scenarios and shown how you would style for the occasion, I think that's awesome!


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