Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Top 5 Apps I Can't Live Without

I thought I would do a little mid week post on my favourite apps, excluding the obvious ones like instagram twitter pinterest etc!

 1. Stylish Girl

Ok so I’ve already mentioned that I like to plan what I’m wearing for the week… but it gets worse than that.. I actually use an app! Haha, I know it’s a little sad but its sooooo good for planning for a busy week at work or for holiday planning! People ask me “how on earth do you have the time to take a picture of everything you own!”.. but its simple really I just take a quick snap of the outfit on the day I’m wearing it and save it to the library! It also stops me from wearing the same thing over and over again and making me feel like I have no clothes, when really, they’re in the wardrobe somewhere waiting to be loved again! :P It helps me to remember outfits and I can split them up into work wear, day wear and going out wear!!

2. Photo Vault

We all have those photos we don’t want anyone else to see. Maybe it’s a selfie, or a birthday present for someone that you took a picture of to remind yourself. Maybe it’s that picture of your boyfriend in a borat thong that you just can’t bring yourself to delete. Whatever it is,  this app solves the problem by having a password lock and keeping them in a separate place. We all have those friends or people we know – you show them one  pic on your phone and then they think they can go wild scrolling through them all!! Your brow getting sweatier , heart racing as they get closer and closer to the embarrassing one!! OK, maybe a bit dramatic, but you get the point!

3. Gratitude!

Gratitude is good for the soul! It’s been proven that making a note at the end of the day of some things that made you happy (no matter how big or small) can really increase your general happiness! (even oprah swears by it!).

I started off keeping a gratitude diary but in the end I found it easier to just keep a note on my phone. I don’t pressure myself to do it every day as it tends to have the opposite effect and becomes a chore – but if I do it a couple of times a week the benefits are amazing! It doesn’t just have to be a list of things you liked about your day, you can change it up a bit and write about a favourite experience (maybe an amazing holiday), or why someone in your life is so important. Sounds so cheesy but all I know is I always feel great afterwards. Its particularly good if you’ve had a bit of a crap day.  For example you might look back and think “oh actually, I did find that fiver on the floor, or I did end up having a really funny chat with someone at work” . Suddenly all these little things go together and you think, ah it wasn’t that bad a day after all! Positivity can do wonders! 

4. Balanced

Balanced is an awesome app almost like a to do list but much nicer. I use it to help me remember to call my mum, do some exercise, read something new etc. I really like the layout and how it tells you if you’re starting to get out of balance. If you’re like me and need a bit of organisation help - it's definitely a useful app! 

5. Picfx

Last but not least is picfx! This simple app is perfect for adjusting the colours in photos or putting some of those random light blobs on to spice things up a bit! Really easy to use and has some lovely shades!

So there you have it! Some of my favourite apps!
Let me know if there's any you particularly love and I will give them a try :-)

Gabby x


  1. I use Picfx too it's great!! I've never heard of any of the others, may have to give them a go!

    1. Hey sweetie! It's so good for filters isn't it! Yeah definitely let me know if you think they're any good :) <3
      Gabby x


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