Sunday, 17 May 2015

Event | #TheCityGirls Blogger Meet

If you read my post from the other week about the Ladbrokes boat party event in London  which ended in an unplanned 5 hour bus ride back to Leeds (arriving home at 6am eeek), then hopefully you can understand my slightly hungover appearance in todays pics! I basically got home and managed about 3 hours sleep before getting up and heading off to sheffield for the first The City Girls Blogger event. 

Despite the raging hangover and feeling quite zombie like, it really was worth going and getting to join in at such a fantastic event. I thought I'd share with you what I wore and got up to on the day, plus the AMAZING goodie bags we all received. :)

The City Girls - What I Wore

Camel Suedette Skater Skirt - £19.99 New Look / Floral Shirt - £22.99 (now £12!) New Look / Gold Necklace - New Look / Pink Bag - Asos (old) / Pink Heels - £30 Asos / Dark Green Fedora Hat - Topshop

The City Girls Event - Brands, Cocktails & Pizza

The event took place in the very beautiful Bloo88 bar in Sheffield. I really loved the beautiful high ceilings and chandeliers, it was such a perfect place to spend an afternoon (especially with the 2-4-1 cocktail menu!). 

Photo courtesy of Tea and blush

There were plenty of brands to check out during the event. At the Panache stand you had the opportunity not only to get measured properly (cos it turns out most of us are wearing the wrong bra size without knowing oops!) but also to get sent a complimentary set of underwear of choice, which was pretty amazing!.

There was the Second Thread clothing stall which had some beautiful pieces - I LOVED the grey jumpsuit which I thought had a fun 70s vibe about it - just a shame i'm such a short ass as jumpsuits look ridic on me! We were given some lovely 20% off vouchers to redeem online so I'm looking forward to having a browse (and most likely a splurge!) soon.

Penhaligon's provided us with a beautiful vintage tray of perfume samples to try out, and we even got to take our favourite scent home!

Thankfully Voss Water were on hand to keep my hungover body hydrated during the event too, how sleek are the bottles!? 

I think one of my favourite stalls had to be the Lush section, mainly because they introduced me to their new Powdered Sunshine! If like me you hate the greasy feeling of suncream on your skin but don't want to end up like a shrivelled prune at 35 from sun exposure, then I would highly recommend this product! I have already invested in some for Summer :). They also gave us our own goodie bags filled with treats to try out!

At the Benefit stall not only were we treated to some mini goodie bags with some sample products in but you could also get your brows professionally done by one of the Benefit girls! We also got to try some super cute chocolate cupcakes with The City Girls logo on - well done to Holly for making all 52 of them herself!

Speaking of food, later on we headed downstairs to the bar/restaurant area where we had an amazing selection of pizzas to feast on! It was a great opportunity to get chatting properly with all the girls - sometimes it's difficult to get the chance to know people at blogging events but the atmosphere and arrangement at The City Girls made it so easy for us to chat, sip cocktails and just really enjoy the afternoon.

Photo cred - Tea And Blush

Before the end of the event it was time for the hugeee charity raffle where there were some fantastic prizes to be won, with everything from perfume (worth £120!) to some lovely days out. The raffle was in aid of the City Hearts charity, who they managed to raise a total of £175 for from raffle tickets, which Aviva kindly matched to make it up to £350. I just think it's such a great idea to use an event like this to actually contribute to a great cause - well done ladies!

The goodie bag of all goodie bags!

And finally...the goodie bags! We were very spoilt with a huge range of products given to take home with us (literally my goody bag was ready to burst open at any given moment!).

If I had to pick 5 products I loved the most from the event it would be...*drumroll*....

1. The Lee Staffdord Shine Serum - I was initially worried this product would make my hair grease up but after applying a small amount to my finger tips, running it through my hair wet and then blow drying it, I was super impressed with the added non-greasy shine my hair received! 

2. The Lipcote Lipstick Sealer - This little beaut does exactly what is says on the box and keeps your lipstick on for longer - where has this been all my life!?

3. The Argan Smooth Shampoo And Conditioner - Since these both smell so gorgeous and leave my hair feeling lovely!

4. The Pebble Grey LED Cosmetic Mirror Because nothing jazzes up your routine powder check like a mirror with lights!

5. LipGlam 100% Natural Lip Balm - Not only can you use this to sooth dry lips as I've done recently but it can also be used as a cuticle ointment, for dry skin, as a lip and mascara primer, as an eyebrow balm AND for split ends! Talk about multi purpose! :)

I have to say a big thank you to Lorna and Holly for organising such a great event, not only do they create these amazing events, but they also have their own lovely blogs which you should definitely check out (here and here). It was lovely to meet so many nice gals and hopefully will see some of them again soon! 

Thanks for reading :)

Gabby xo

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fashion | Shoe Licks #PimpMyHeels

If you follow my blog or Instagram then you'll already know I'm a hugeee fan of anything printed/floral/paisley etc, so when I was approached by the lovely Charlotte from Shoe Licks to review some prints to stick under heels, I didn't hesitate to say yess! The idea of being able to add that extra bit of detail to an otherwise boring place sounded like such a fabulous idea.

As she says on her Dragons Den audition - it's a great way to add soul to your sole! Check out her audition below:

First, the DIY part

Now, I'm definitely not very gifted when it comes to the arts and crafts department, I'm generally very clumsy with my hands (just ask anyone who's ever received a wrapped present from me)...

...However after a bit of playing around with them I managed to cut and stick a suitable size of the print and add them to my heels fine. I found it helpful to use a pen just to make an outline of the sole but you can in some cases just press the sticker on the sole to make an imprint to then cut along.

Now that my shoes we're all pimped up I decided to take them out for a spin and see what they looked like in one of my outfits.

All styled up in Shoe Licks

I've always been a fan of heels and trousers as I think it just creates an effortlessly chic look, so I decided to test the Shoe Licks out on a very simple outfit, wearing my Khaki Asos utility trousers, crop print Topshop top & my Mango suede jacket (which has barely left my arms since I got it!!).

Rust Platform Court Shoes - £19.99 New Look / Suede Jacket - £59.99 Mango / Crop Print Top - Topshop / Silver Necklace - New Look / Brown Bag - Accessorize / Deft Blue Shoe Print* - £2.99 Shoe Licks

I really love how the colour from the print pops and ads something extra to an otherwise neutral coloured outfit. This blue print seemed to go perfectly with the rust heels I'd purchased from New Look, but Shoe Licks have such a varied range of prints available that I don't think you'd struggle to find something to work into any outfit. 

If you want to try them out for yourself Charlotte is offering you your first Shoe Lick purchase at only £2.00 with the code "pimpmyheels" - you can check out their full colourful collection right here

What do you think? Is this the budget way of achieving the signature Christian Louboutin red sole look? Or are soles better off left alone? Would love to know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading & see you soon,

Gabby xo 

Friday, 1 May 2015

Event | Ladbrokes Boat Party On The Thames

It's always exciting to get invited along to blogging events, but when I opened the email about the Ladbrokes boat party on Thames, I just thought wow! I'd never been to a boat party before in my life, in fact I'd never even seen the Thames on my few trips to London, so you can imagine my excitement.

The theme for the night was James Bond/glamorous - so after scouring the internet I found a pretty off the shoulder red dress from Missguided, which I thought was perfect for the occasion (and a mega bargain too at just £20!). I wore it with some very cute black New Look bow heels (which I only found the day before!), a black belt, a jewelled statement necklace from New Look & a black Accessorize bag. I also threw on a leather jacket, adding a bit of edginess to the glam look! 

London Bound!

So, the day started off slightly stressful, I managed to get locked into our flat and ended up having to ring a locksmith to let me out (byeee £117 I didn't have eeek!), but before I knew it I was on the train to London Kings Cross, relaxed and drinking prosecco with the lovely Sarah from What Sass Says!

When we arrived in London I went straight into tourist mode (even getting genuinely excited to go on the tube!). After a short journey we arrived at Victoria Embarkment, which had an absolutely stunning view of London! Cue the cameras! 

After taking a few snaps, we walked around the dock to find our boat, and stood chatting with the excited crowd of bloggers which gathered outside. Whilst waiting it suddenly occurred to us that the 11.30pm train we'd booked back would be pretty tricky to get to, considering the boat didn't dock till 12pm! Oops! So after a bit of a panic we ended up booking ourselves onto the DREADED Megabus that left London at 1am and got to Leeds at 6am!! 

Setting sail

We soon boarded the boat and made our way up to the deck, where (in typical blogger style!) we all began taking photos of the amazing views as we sailed through the Thames! It was such a fun feeling having the wind in your hair, with a glass of wine in your hand surrounded by loads of people having a great time! It certainly felt very glamorous :)

During the event we were given £100 worth of chips to play at the different tables of the on board casino, an endless supply of wine (wheyyy!) and a lovely food buffet to enjoy. There was even a magician on hand to wow us even more!

When it comes to gambling I can understand why there is a stigma, not surprisingly with how addicted some people can get, but I personally don't think there's anything wrong with a few cheeky bets - in moderation! I don't bet that often but when I do I set myself a limit and then think - Ok, I'm prepared to loose this £20 for a bit of fun - if I win great if not then that's ok! I think that's the safest way to gamble really! 

We ended up chatting to so many lovely bloggers during the evening, and even got to dance when the DJ set started (there were points when I wasn't sure wether to blame the boat, the heels or the wine for my bad balance/wobbly dance moves!).

When it got dark the view from the deck was even more amazing than before, with lights from the London Bridge and the London Eye lighting up the sky. We really didn't want it to end!

And that was our fabulous night! Just want to say a BIG thank you to Chloe from Best British Bloggers for inviting us, and of course to Ladbrokes for putting on such a fantastic event! If you want to see more posts/pics from the night then just search the hashtag #ladbrokespartylife on Twitter where there's plenty! I'll leave you with one last pic of us all on the dec (looking slightly crazy haha!).  

Photo cred: Little Miss Katy

Thanks for reading :)

Gabby xo